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In all my years of studying the scriptures I have found many sites that have proven to be invaluable resources. I gladly share them here.
*Please note that I may not agree with all doctrines taught or embraced by any of the sites listed below.*

The Interlinear Biblical text available at provides both an easy to read literal translation of the text and the Authorized Version side-by-side. A powerful desktop application is also available for download. provides easy access to numerous versions of the Bible, dictionaries, commentaries, concordances, lexicons, and encyclopedias. It is truly a one-stop shop for students of the scriptures. supplies the student of the scriptures with easy access to every tractate of the Babylonian Talmud. This is a great resource for cross-referencing and researching the origin and institution of various religious practices of the Jews.

E. C. Marsh's Early Christian Research Library has tools that I haven't been able to find anywhere else. These tools include searchable forms of the Complete Works of Josephus and Writings of Philo Judaeus, various apocryphal books such as Jubilees and Jasher, and a variety of the writings of the Early Church Fathers. Having a searchable Josephus and Philo resource is worth it all in itself, but there is so much more!

Peter Kirby also built Early Christian Writings to be an excellent and very comprehensive list of canonical, apocryphal, and pseudopigraphal writings. This particular set contains a list specific to the era of early Christianity. Gospels, Epistles, and numerous Gnostic writings are all included.

This link is to one of the many resources available on the Perseus Digital Library. The Greek-English Lexicon produced by Henry George Liddell and Robert Scott is essential to researching the roots of the ancient Greek words used in the Septuagint and New Testament. Any devout student of scripture will agree that a proper understanding of the roots and meanings of various words is essential to a proper understanding of the scriptures themselves. This resource makes finding these words, their variations, and multiple places they are used in ancient writings, both sacred and profane, very easy.

If you are looking for an extremely powerful scripture study tool packed with tons of resources that is totally free E-Sword is what you want. Rick Meyers, the creator of E-Sword provides a powerful and easy to use interface with hundreds of free downloadable resources available anytime. This tool is perfect for examining and comparing multiple different versions of the Bible and much more!

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