Shifting Sand: A Homily for the Brethren

People are shifting sand! How do we ever manage to stand?!? One strong wind blows and we change to move with it, to ease the resistance. One large wave crashes and we give in to its power, for fear of being drowned. One solid stone falls, and we let it block our path saying, "It must be Elohim telling me something." Emotions are shifting sand, unreliable. We limit יהוה our Elohim to certain feelings. We say, "I feel good, יהוה's spirit must be moving inside, oh how it fills my heart!" And, "I feel empty and alone, my El, why have you forsaken me?!? Why have you taken your spirit from me?!?" And, "This is too hard, my Elohim wouldn't let me go through all of this!" Shifting sand! All shifting sand!

Is it not the same Elohim who both gives and takes away? Is it not the same Elohim who pours out both blessings and love and allows both persecutions and scorn? Is it not the same Elohim who brings joy and pleasure as well as conviction and guilt in their due times? Shifting sand we are, all shifting sand! Upon what is founded our joy? Upon wealth and possessions?!? Upon relationships and good-standing with men?!? Upon feelings and the unknowable heart?!? Nay, upon the truth of the Everlasting Elohim, יהוה Almighty! I say - Blessed is the one who has all taken away by Elohim, for He desires to give you so much more! I say - Blessed is the one who loses all family and friends for the sake of the truth, for you will never be alone! I say - Blessed is the one who is convicted of sin, for your time is not yet up, and Elohim only disciplines those whom He loves!

To whom do we look to for our example? To one who teeters and sways at the slightest breeze? To one who tumbled under the draw of the slightest undertow? To one who stopped moving forward because of a pebble in his way! Nay! To one who pulls the wind with him, changing its flow! To one who calms the storm, flattening out the sea! To one who says to the stone, "Out of my way! I have a mission to fulfill!" Into what are his roots dug? Of what material is his ship made out of? Upon what does he plant his feet to scale the rock? Truth! I say - Blessed is the one who plants deep their roots in the truth, for the greatest tornado may blow and they will not be shaken! I say - Blessed is the one who makes their vessel sure by the truth, for the mightiest hurricane may rise and they will not be capsized! I say - Blessed is the one who searches diligently for the path in the light of the truth, for the greatest mountain will not stand in their way!

Knowing then what we have in יהוה, let us mimic our example, so that when the winds blow, the waves crash, and the stones fall, we persevere with the truth. People are shifting sand, but the truth of our Elohim is an unshakeable rock. I say - Oh how blessed is the one whom יהוה sets on this rock!

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